Different Way to Sell Your Property

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Different Way to Sell Your Property
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Different Way to Sell Your Property
May 12, 2021

Different Way to Sell Your Property

It isn’t necessary to sell your home the way you have always seen. There are many ways this can be done. All of this depends on the aspects of the sale and how soon you would like to sell the property. Sometimes, it also makes sense to sell your home unconventionally due to circumstances that cannot be avoided. In this article, we’ll see how you can go about selling your home fast for the best results.

Selling your home online isn’t the only way you can get your property off the market quickly. Here are some of the ways you can sell your home for the best considerations.

Selling by private treaty

The most common method, here buyers list an asking price. Interested sellers will approach the buyer and negotiate for a mutually agreeable sale price. The seller needs to hire a realtor and a real estate attorney to help get the paperwork in place and register the sale. Additional expenses incurred during the sale will also have to be borne by the seller. In fact, sometimes, the seller will also have to part pay the commission of the buyer’s real estate agent.

Benefits of selling by private treaty-

  • There is no guesswork involved in the price of the property. The asking price acts as an estimate of the actual price.
  • This is a tried and tested way of selling property
  • The negotiation between the buyers and sellers can get over quickly once the common ground has been achieved

Selling by auction

An auction is a private sale, where there is a minimum amount from which bids are invited. A registered real estate agent is present to conduct the auction which takes place keeping in mind certain rules and regulations.

The main idea of an auction is to create urgency. Before it, interested buyers can examine the property and do their research when it comes to how much they intend to bid for it. The seller, on the other hand, benefits as he gets a fair price in a relatively short time. Many people have this notion that auctions are only for expensive properties. This is far from the truth.

Auctions can be held for any kind of property. Sometimes, banks and financial institutions conduct auctions when they need to get the necessary funds from the seller if he is unable to pay. If the owner is on a short notice, auctions help to get the property sold for a fair amount of money.

Benefits of selling by auction-

  • Auctions help to attract genuine buyers as they find it economical to bid more than the minimum amount.
  • An auction helps to create a sense of urgency to those genuine buyers who would have otherwise looked elsewhere for better deals
  • You will get a fair amount for your property. This is because there isn’t any chance of you facing losses as you will get the minimum reserve price.
  • You may get a much better price than expected if there is cut-throat competition in the bidding process.

Inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI)

This is where you invite interested buyers to submit an offer stating the amount they are willing to pay for the property in writing.

This method helps you to promote the property effectively while helping the buyers to arrange for finance, take a look at the home and determine how much they are willing to pay.

The seller sets a deadline by when he will accept these Expressions of Interest (EOI). If there aren’t enough EOIs or if they are unacceptable, the seller has the freedom to sell through a realtor or extend the deadline for EOIs.

The buyers generally have only one chance to submit an EOI so they have to do it putting their best foot forward.

Benefits of selling by EoI

  • The tenders inviting EOIs offer the best of an auction without the stress of conducting one.
  • It helps to keep the expected price discreet and let the market decide how much to bid for the property
  • It increases the competition for the property

We can understand, selling your home can be a stressful experience, especially if you have lived in it for years. If you need to let go of your property due to situations you cannot control, this can be an extremely emotional experience for you.

Many people let their emotions get to them when selling their home. They either try to DIY or list an extremely unreasonable price to get the most of the property and avoid paying significant expenses.

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