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Why Choose Us?

We believe in creating a win win scenario. This business is small and we rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals. So, we want you to walk away pleased and willing to tell everyone you know about how painless and smooth the process is by selling to us.

We will buy your home regardless of the condition. We have built relationships throughout Metro Detroit that MAKE US COMPETITIVE and help us solve any of the problems you may think you have: probate, messy title work, inherited home, too many heirs, back taxes, ordinance violations, property tagged by the city for inhabitability or demo.

We are not real estate agents and we don’t charge you anything to evaluate your home. We will make you an offer on the spot….And yes, we do actually purchase your home, cutting out all the red tape, hassle and fees associated with selling a property. Typically, we will close in 3 days. We are experienced, reliable and have been in business for almost a decade. Please call us or fill out the form to learn more!

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to simplify the experience of selling your home to create a painless smooth process. We specialize in working with sellers who own property in the following categories:

Our Core Values

We’re honest, transparent and committed to creating a win-win solution for our customers and our company. These values guide our business.



Any Reason

Any Condition

Any Challenge

What we offer


We offer creative solutions to each client, but we find most of sellers are interested in a cash offer to walk away hassle free. Here are some of the most common options we have available.

Cash Offer!

Most of our clients opt for a simple and hassle-free cash offer.  All that is required is a very brief visit to the property and an opportunity to help us learn more about how we can help you.  We will provide occupancy after we close if necessary!

I Want to Stay in My Home!

Want to stay in your home but still want to SELL?  No problem! We can help make that happen.  We will buy your home and lease it back to you.  Better yet, we will bring the house up to code and fix all existing repairs!  Just contact us to learn more. 

Term Loan

  We do offer a short-term loan in certain situations when it makes sense for both of us. Each scenario is unique for these types of loans and whether you qualify will depend on a host of different factors.  Please contact us for additional information on the programs we can offer.  

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